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Introduction to a Studio Comprising Nordic Furniture

Introduction to a Studio Comprising Nordic Antique Furniture by Designers Hans Wegner and Finn Juhl.

Studio 2

studio in Tokyo
The studio features a variety of rare items such as Hans Wegner's original Peacock Chair and Mama Bear Chair.

Studio 5

studio in Tokyo
It is comprised of Hans Wegner's bookshelves, Jean Prouvé's Standard Table and Chair from Vitra, as well as the original Thonet Chesska Chair, among others.

Studio 6

studio in Tokyo
Chairs from the Bauhaus style are imported from Germany, Czech Republic, and other places. This studio, rather than being purely Nordic, has more of an Eastern European and Bauhaus interior vibe.

Studio 9

studio in Tokyo
The studio features numerous rare items including Hans Wegner's beds, sofas, bookshelves, and rocking chairs. Additionally, some sections of the floor are made from teak wood.

Studio 12

studio in Tokyo
The space is composed of walls painted with soft colors from the German paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball. It features Finn Juhl's coffee tables, Wegner's double beds, and other rare Nordic antique sofas that have been reupholstered with fabrics from Denmark.


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