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Filming locations around Rainbow Bridge within walking distance of studio 2 and 3.

The initial location of the former Kyu Kaigan Studio was chosen because we liked the atmosphere of the warehouse district in Shibaura and the surrounding area. That's how it all began.

In the vicinity of the former Kyu Kaigan Studio and former Studio 3 in the Minato Ward coastal area, there are many urban filming locations such as Rainbow Bridge, warehouse districts, and canals, which provide a unique backdrop while still being in the heart of the city. When shooting in nearby locations, we kindly request that customers take responsibility for tasks such as applying for road usage permits in advance. Additionally, since it is a warehouse district, please exercise caution due to the presence of trucks, as accidents may occur. Although we are a photography studio in Tokyo, we believe that our facilities can also serve as a base for location shoots. Thank you for considering us.


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